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Wholesale Antiques

We have the systems and contacts in place to provide you with consistently high quality products. We have been doing this for thirty years. We can supply you with a cross section of items or an entire container of a particular product.

We spent the last eight years developing the market contacts to secure quality Chinese antiques, reclaimed pine furniture, architectural iron, primitive furniture, and Indian antiques.

A year ago we set about finding a supply of Industrial furniture. The old pieces are just not available, so we have been searching for a source of reproduction furniture. We now have the contacts and suppliers in place for us to be able to offer quality industrial furniture at a retail level. We expect that by September we will be able to start offering it at a wholesale level.

We are willing to wholesale to stores wishing to stock a range of our products, and consider a minimum initial order of $5000.

We will generally wholesale to one store in a specific area and a maximum of two stores in a particular city.

We have expertise in arranging for shipment of goods whether it be across the globe or just across the country.

Please contact us with your wholesale inquiries.

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