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India smacks your senses.  It gives new meaning to exotic and its furniture has to be seen to be believed. See our galleries here.

Indian antiquesWe are getting better at negotiating our way through the markets of India.  Owner Harry is finding pieces that reflect the timelessness, the smells, the textures of India.  They speak of tradition, and reveal themselves in the layers of culture that have blended together to create a style that is uniquely India.  You connect with Indian furniture on a deeper level.

We have a great selection of colonial antiques from India, Indian Almirah, old door cabinets, sideboards, handicrafts, pillars, British Indian teak bookcases and cabinets, Tibari arches, Copper pots, old print making stamps and lighting.

We have a few sets of very special antique coffered doors that must have been sourced from old havelis (private mansions) in India. Tell us what you like.


Indian Antiques Gallery 38 - Coming Soon!
Indian Antiques Gallery 37 - Just Arrived!
Indian Antiques Gallery 36

Indian Antiques Gallery 35
Indian Antiques Gallery 34
Indian Antiques Gallery 33
Indian Antiques Gallery 32
Indian Antiques Gallery 31
Indian Antiques Gallery 3 (26INA - 30INA Code)
Indian Antiques Gallery 2 (21INA - 25INA Code)
Indian Antiques Gallery 1 (3INA - 20INA Code)

Indian Antique Accessories

Indian Antique Doors
Indian Nautical Lighting & Accessories
Indian Antique Pillars

Wholesale customers.  We are now in a position to accommodate wholesale orders of Indian antiques.  We have the contacts and suppliers in place.

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Indian Primitive and Antique furniture and doors

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